Restoration Projects

TBF Avenger. The restoration of this WW II torpedo bomber is one of the biggest projects undertaken to date. This plane was hauled up from the bottom of Lake Michigan, where it had crashed during a training run in 1942. Plans are to make it a permanent exhibit once the plane has been returned to its original appearance, and possibly include a simulator experience in the cockpit.


M38A1 Jeep.


PTF-3 Fast Torpedo Boat. Launched in 1962, this 80-ft mahogany-hulled Patrol Torpedo (PT) boat was part of a joint U.S./Norway Fast Boat program. Acquired by the Kennedy Administration, the boat was designated as a U.S. Navy Nasty Class, Patrol Torpedo Fast Boat, Hull #3, or PTF 3. The first of 20 boats of her class, PTF 3 was named “Fast and Nasty” and commissioned in May 1963 at Little Creek, Virginia, before being stationed in DaNang, South Vietnam, where it was used to raid and insert Special Ops Teams into North Vietnam. The PTF special ops boats served on hundreds of covert missions throughout the Vietnam War (1964-1975), inserting SEAL teams and South Vietnamese Commandos into enemy territory. Returned to the States in the 1970's, PTF 3 served as a dive boat for the U.S. Navy technical dive school at Key West, Florida, until she was retired in 1977 and sold for scrap the following year.

PTF 3 sat idle for almost 25 years in south Florida until December of 2001, when the boat was donated to Boy Scout Troop 544 of Orange City, Florida. In 2005, after a journey of many fits and starts, the boat finally arrived at the DeLand Naval Air Museum to undergo a complete restoration. With the help of the National Vietnam War Museum, Vietnam Veterans of Central Florida, the City of DeLand and the City of Sanford, PTF 3 has a bright future. It is the mission of Boy Scout Troop 544 to return this historic PT boat to service as a BSA Sea Scout/U.S. Navy Sea Cadet Training Vessel and living history museum that will honor the service of all veterans.

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TV2 / T-33 Shooting Star. The T-33/TV2 aircraft built by Lockheed was the first production jet trainer supplied to the U.S. armed forces. It served as the primary jet transition trainer for both the Air Force and the Navy from the late 1940s to the early 1960s. The single-seat version, designated P-80 Shooting Star, fought in the beginning of the Korean conflict.
The Museum’s TV2 is a modified version (with an extra-long nose section) donated by a private owner. The restoration staff is currently in the process of returning the aircraft to its original military specs.