Getting Involved

Keeping alive the memories of those who served our nation in time of war is a big job.

​​It takes a dedicated cadre of patriots and the commitment of our civic leaders to make sure that the sacrifices and triumphs of our brave veterans are remembered. As a member of the community, you too can be a part of the team. Here are some of the ways you can help maintain the legacy for future generations.​

Become a Member. ​Our members enjoy the camaraderie and pride that come with joining their fellow citizens in support of a worthy venture. Members have a say in the direction the Museum is going and share their ideas for improving the operation.​

Attend Museum Events. Without visitors, the Museum would just be a building full of old stuff. By patronizing the Museum and attending its special events, you help keep the memories of our veterans alive, passing along an appreciation for the cost of the freedoms we currently enjoy.

Become a Sponsor. Companies providing cash, materials or services in support of the Museum’s infrastructure or events earn the goodwill of their community, which often translates into more customers and greater profits – it’s called “doing well by doing good.” Sponsors’ names and logos are prominently displayed at the events they support, and in all Museum promotional materials, such as this web site.

Donate Historical Items. Without the donations of veterans and their families, we would have nothing to show. Military uniforms and equip-ment, vehicles and weapons, period posters and historical photos – these tell the story of our country’s armed conflicts from the personal perspective of those who were there. Though its original focus was primarily on World War II, the Museum has since broadened its scope to include the wars in Korea and Viet Nam; with the opening of a new building, there will be room for artifacts from Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan, and perhaps the Cold War. If you have a piece of history hanging in your closet or collecting dust in your attic, you might consider donating it to the Museum.

​Few of our members are wealthy.  What they do have, and are willing to give us, is their time.  There are many projects at the Museum that could use another pair of hands, whether it’s restoring a vintage aircraft, maintaining the resource library, helping set up and promote a special exhibit or event, or just helping out with the upkeep of the facilities.  Perhaps you would like to be a docent, meeting with the Museum’s visitors and helping them get the most out of the displays and exhibits.  If you’ve got the time, we’ve got a job for you.

Donate Cash.  Money is the one-size-fits-all gift, and the Museum is always grateful for whatever financial assistance its patrons are willing to provide. None of our personnel is on salary; 100% of revenues go to operating and improving the Museum and its exhibits.  Considering the potential impact a knowledge of history can have on future decision-makers, you can be sure that your donation is money well spent.

Spread the Word. Maybe one of the display models at the Museum really caught your eye, or maybe you just had a great time dancing to swing music at the annual Hangar Dance. If there’s something you like about the Museum, please tell your friends. Those friends might like to see for themselves, and maybe they’d like to share their impressions with others you don’t even know. Visit us on Facebook, too, and share your thoughts with the world. The more visitors we get, the more we will be able to offer, which will make the experience even better, and draw more visitors – a positive feedback loop that just keeps getting better for everyone concerned.